It’s been a while, but finally InterProlog is back… pulling forward into open source other related work that has been brewing over the last couple of years, namely Prolog Studio.

The last (maintenance) release at Declarativa was over 4 years ago, and a lot happened since then: I joined the SILK project in late 2011, which was good for the system, until Vulcan canned it  in early 2013; and at about the same time Declarativa’s web dev business had to shut down, at the peak of Portugal’s financial crisis… thus freeing yours truly for sexier stuff;-) Shortly after I co-founded Coherent Knowledge Systems; and this Summer, a year later, I left it  to pursue other interests – such as all things Java+Prolog related, logic for your app as the above headline goes.

SILK brought the old  Java-Prolog bridge into better shape – robustness, performance, flexibility; Coherent motivated my creation of Ergo Studio, of which Prolog Studio is the subset released here today. Along the way, another piece of code was upgraded and integrated into Studio: XJ, a little known (and still under documented, but stay tuned…) Swing declarative UI generator for Prolog that the good folks at XSB, Inc. released into open source too.

Logic programming is a unique secret sauce suffering from an historical fact: with a few exceptions, its master chefs have not cared to open that many restaurants! So there is a need to collect decades of juicy Prolog and related techniques and tools into edible form, for those developing apps for the real world. Prolog Studio and the Java-Prolog bridge are just first steps.

I’m pleased that all these dots have finally connected into this web site and the tools now prereleased for your enjoyment; more to come, pending your feedback.

Looking forward to comments and suggestions!


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