Today Miguel Calejo participated with Luis Moniz Pereira in the keynote presentation “Games with Morality” at GAMEON’2016, the European Simulation and AI in Games Conference. The machine ethics technology discussed has potential application to autonomous vehicles in general and a number of areas where intelligent agents require… morality.gameon

The complete (183Mb) keynote slides are here. Luis’s personal page, with links to the literature and other demos, is here.

Miguel’s smallest segment covering the items below is here.

The keynote included two system demonstrations, which you can try yourself by installing the following software. Java is a prerequisite for both. It should work on Mac, Windows and Linux:

QUALM demo

This showed QUALM running under InterProlog Studio.

  • More information and instructions here.

Greenfoot + LPS demo

A Java Greenfoot “scenario”, LPSEntitiesWorld, providing the user interface for several LPS programs simulating moral puzzles.lpsentitiesworld

To install and run it:

  • Install Greenfoot
  • Install LPS, more information here .
    • That includes XSB Prolog, LPS and Studio (for its Java/LPS API, used by the Greenfoot scenario).
    • Try Studio and an LPS example: menu Help / Open LPS Example, and then in the editor window do File/Load; you should get a timeline display on a browser window
  • Extract the LPSEntitiesWorld zip file into a new directory; this will be your Greenfoot scenario/project
  • Greenfoot scenario configuration
    • Launch the Greenfoot app and open the scenario; edit the file to set the variables XSB and LPS to your XSB and LPS system directories respectively; if you ran Studio, these paths can be found near InterPrologStudio.jar inside the text file .ergosuite.prefs
    • Open the Greenfoot Preferences, Libraries tab; add the location of interPrologStudio.jar to the User libraries list
  • Right-click on the LPSWorld class and invoke the chooseScenario method; pick a moral puzzle scenario when asked. Hit the Run button.
    • At the bottom right there will be an indication of success
    • Right-click the LPSWorld class again and invoke the runWithoutLastKills method; this will repeat the simulation counterfactually (by retracting dead people beforehand), and will report whether or not those deaths are morally admissible, as per DDE.

Miguel Calejo’s smaller slide deck “Games with morality: some practical aspects” is here.