Prolog Studio

Studio is an open source IDE for Prolog, written in Java (and Prolog) for Windows, Mac and Linux. Packaged as a single jar file, it also exposes an API for its UI elements, that can be used in your apps.

See the 3 minute Quick Tour video; the tour explained

Here’s a screenshot:


  • Query  window with tabular display, answers as a graph and more
  • Prolog editor with variable highlighting and semantic warnings
  • Single-click multi-module navigation over predicate  call graph
  • XSB Tabled Data view (not shown above)
  • Support for the QUALM dialect
  • Declarative GUI SDK for Prolog, reusable from Java too
    •  the 3 bottom windows in the screenshot are Prolog coded

To probe further:

Studio is supplied “as is” and without warranties. It can be extended, adapted or integrated on demand. Please contact us.