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How do I change the font size ?

Please see Prolog_Studio#Changing_font_size.

Is Studio somehow related to Eclipse or NetBeans?

No. It is not an add-on to any existing IDE; it is a self-contained Java Swing-based app using [RSTA] as its source code editing component and XJ_Prolog_UI_Library XJ as its user interface layer.

Does Studio support other Prologs besides XSB ?

It may in the future, pending funding or human resources. Earlier versions of the InterProlog Java bridge have supported SWI, YAP and GNU Prolog in the past. Studio itself has no significant dependencies on XSB.

Any ISO compliant (or close) Prolog should be supportable with a moderate effort. If you're interested in helping out let us know.

Why all the com.declarativa occurrences in the code?

The InterProlog Java bridge and Prolog Studio work originated while Miguel Calejo was at Declarativa. And btw 'fiji' was the original code name for the Prolog Studio project - hence a lot of com.declarativa.fiji.* classes.