Prolog Studio Bugs and Missing Features

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This list is current as of Studio 1.0beta1 revision 476.

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  • Call trees miss children in different files if they're present in the father's file

Missing features

This section lists features that may get into Studio.


  • Call graph from a predicate needs better layout, and could use some coloring, perhaps for modules
  • Identical nodes in trees (e.g. browseTerm(2+2)) do not appear (although the layout is correct); this seems to imply some intermediate object between TermModel and JTree, because of equals()
  • Declare meta predicates, to get more undefined warnings; use Ciao annotations?
  • Predicates menu: separate into 2 groups: exported? / uppermost predicates in call graph? + rest
  • Items window (multi-window): include warnings, errors... and TODOs
    • collect Parser notices and show them
  • Folds: predicate definitions/clause sequences
  • scroll selection to middle of window, or close
  • Support .H files in the editor
  • Dragging symbolic links (aliases) from the desktop does not work

Navigation history

Module Maker

Generate module declarations from a pair of files.

Editor Predicate completion

Support for Prolog Documentation